Patient Access to Investigational Therapies

argenx is committed to improving the lives of people suffering from rare diseases.

We’re driven to discover new treatment approaches in autoimmunity and cancer, and fueled by the resilience of patients to urgently deliver them. 

We aim to do this in partnership; we listen to patients, supporters and advocacy communities, and we hear their stories. Their insights guide us as we develop our investigational therapies, and motivate us to advance the understanding of rare diseases. 

We believe that participation in clinical trials is the most appropriate way for patients to access investigational therapies. Information about argenx clinical trials can be found on  


Kim, MG patient and advocate, businesswoman
and mother of 2 boys

We understand that participating in clinical trials may not always be possible for patients. In cases where a patient faces a life-threatening or serious condition, a clinical trial isn’t an option, and/or the patient has exhausted all available treatment options, a physician may be able to request access to an investigational medicine for a patient through pre-approval access. argenx will consider providing access to investigational medicines to patients through an argenx pre-approval access program when certain conditions are met.

Regulators/health authorities may grant permission for argenx to provide a treating physician with an investigational medicinal therapy. This is typically done through a pre-approval access program.

Any use of argenx investigational product outside a clinical trial in a country must be in accordance with local laws and regulations governing such programs, including argenx policies and procedures.